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Google Ads for Dentists – Microsoft Ads for Dentists

Our dental PPC company in Atlanta creates and manage Google Ads and Microsoft Ad campaigns for dentists and dental practices. Dentisurge can help you build and increase visibility for your practice and position you at the top of search results pages, capturing more leads driving more phone calls to build a steady pipeline of new dental patients.

Why invest in Paid Search using Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing) and or Yahoo Native?

With Google Ads, you may place sponsored listings at the top of the search results to show adverts.
Paid search is another name for per-click (PPC) advertising, which is what Google Ads are.

Fast Results

Your dental business will appear on Google’s first page in days, not months, thanks to Dentisurge’s Atlanta Google Ads services for dentists.

Be First

When your practice appears first in Google search results, prospects will think of you first.

Increase Appointments

New patients are most likely to schedule if they are looking for your dental services.


Target by specific demographics, geography, age, gender, income, and time of day. You can personify and target your perfect prospects. 


With Google Ads, our dental PPC company in Atlanta can highlight particular services more strongly and provide exclusive deals to entice patients to contact and make appointments.

Some recent paid search case studies showing exceptional results with Google Ads.

The case studies below are exceptional, showing what is possible when all the pieces are connected and the search ad campaigns are set up and optimized to harmonize with the targeted market.

Case Study #1

Dental Practice in Orlando Florida


  • A dental practice in Florida, was already running Google Ads, managed in-house by the practice Manager. When the dental practice added on 2 associate dentists they needed enough new and returning patients to keep everyones schedule full. The dental practice Manager’s expertise was just not enough to get that job done. Dentisurge was contacted by the practice and was consulted with via Zoom and we took over Google Ads.

Action Taken

  • Performed a paid search ads audit to gauge the overall current performance.
  • Found and optimized all possible opportunities that could be implemented to increase performance and a reduced cost.
  • Identified top performing keywords and created individual ad groups to target those individual keywords.
  • Reviewed keyword search appearance results and added appropriate negative keywords as needed to improve lead quality.
  • Created and setup conversion tracking for calls from website, lead form submissions, calls from ads and for various buttons.
  • Setup offline tracking.
  • Rebuilt all Landing pages.
  • Changed bid strategy from manual CPC to Optimize for Conversions.


  • 236% Increase in Lead Form Submissions
  • 330% Increase in Phone Calls
  • 90%  Increase in Scheduled New Patients
  • 280% Increase in Click Thru Ratio

Case Study #2

Dental Practice in
Austin Texas


  • A dental practice in Austin Texas, a highly populated community and also a very competitive market for dentistry, was using a different agency to manage and run their Google Ads Campaigns. The practice was not satisfied and very unhappy with said agency and after 3 months they had not even broke even on their ad spend which was $7500 a month. Dentisurge consulted with the practice and took over Google Ads management.

Action Taken

  • Performed a paid search ads audit.
  • Created 4 specificicaly campaigns to get nothing but phone calls using only 1 keyword per campaign (can’t share bid strategy or our methodology)
  • Performed advanced keyword and demographic research and applied the result of that research..
  • Created a negative keyword list from our database of over 100,000 negative keywords for dentists.
  • Rebuilt and design new landing pages and setup conversion tracking.
  • Increased Ad Budget to $15,000 a month.



  • On a $45,000 Google Ads budget, Dentisurge generated a total of 219 scheduled appointments and 179 of the 219 new partients showed up for their appointments over 3 months. 
  • The 179 patients that showed resulted in $53,700 in revenue but also generated an over all $239,739 treatment plan!
  • Generated over a 6.5X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) if all patients follow through with their treatment plan and a 3.25X ROAS if just half follow through.

Case Study #3

Multi-State + Multi Dental Practices


  • Enterprise dental practice, with locations in 8 U.S. States, with multiple practices in those states. They’ve never ran Google Ads. The reason given for never running Google Ads was that their peers had shared negative experiences and results when they did Google Ads, advising the practice not to do it.  The current marketing in place was all “old school” print, direct mail and Facebook until Dentisurge hit a Google Ads grand slam!

Action Taken

  • Performed very advanced enterprise level keyword research for each of the 29 locations and applied to campaigns.
  • Created very specific ad copy including images and other creatives.
  • Created a negative keyword list from our database of over 100,000 negative keywords for dentists.
  • Designed a total of 116 new landing pages and setup tracking.
  • Implemented top secret proprietary strategies.


  • 2,453 Lead For Submissions that resulted in 1576 scheduled new patient appointments and 1396 showed up. Average of 48 per location.
  • 6736 Phone calls that resulted in 1843 appointments and 1263 showed up. Average of 43 per location.
  • Generated a total of $797,700.72 in revenue from the 2,659 new patient appointments generated by the $495,000 ad spend a 1.6X return. However, the treatment plan estimates generated from those appointment totals $2,127,200.
  • Overall 5.9X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) if all new patients follow through with the suggested treatment plans.

A little more about Google Ad Management and the additional services we provide.

Precise Targeting

In order to ensure that your ads are seen by the right kinds of potential patients, we do keyword research. Then, in order to reach your target market, we advertise your practice on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. To maximize results, our dental PPC company in Atlanta also uses geographic targeting and schedule our advertising for certain day and hours.

Ad Types

In addition to text ads, our Atlanta dentist google ads experts also deploy click-to-call mobile ads. To make your ads more visible, we also use a variety of Google Ad Extensions. Google now has a feature where you can use images in your search ads which has proved to increase the performance of search ads tremendously. Using that we reduced Patient Acquisition Cost tremendously.

Enhanced Tracking

We track caller ID, record phone calls, lead form submissions and appointment setting (feed back from dental office) as part of our Google and Paid Ads service so that you can see which ads and keywords are bringing in the most money for your clinic. We also use tags on various buttons and text on the landing pages for further insights.

Landing Pages

To position your practice effectively and generate the most leads, our dental PPC company in Atlanta will create and optimize unique landing pages as part of the overall sales funnel. 4 Landing pages for 4 specific dental services are included in our management fee. If additional landing pages are needed you can check the pricing for that here: Pricing

Sales Funnel

Unlike other marketing agencies, Dentisurge goes a step above and beyond just landing pages with the application of a well mapped out Sales Funnel strategy. Dental practices have found that after the implementation of Dentisurge’s sales funnels strategy, they averaged as much as a 5X increase for their returns on ad spend. 

Reporting & Communication

A call will be scheduled after any paid search campaign has been in GoLive (going live) status for 2 weeks. That call will go over any results and primarily consist of getting feed-back from the dental practice. With that data our dental adwords company in Atlanta will optimize the ads accounts based on that feed-back. Once the campaigns are all dialed in expect a 1-2 hour Zoom meeting every 2-3 weeks.

Client Testimonials What Our Clients Say

Get started on growing your dental practice now. 

Let our Atlanta dental website design team help you catapult your dental practice to the next level with dental digital marketing from our Atlanta team. We offer methods and strategies that has helped hundreds of dental practices just like yours acquire new patients daily.

Google Ads for Dentists

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads

  • Google advertisements for dentists can be very successful. Additionally, it might start working right away, bringing in new patients right away. Dentists frequently generate clicks and patient queries within hours of starting their campaign. According to certain research, the return on investment for Google Ads might reach 800%.