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Over 25 Years Digital Marketing Experience

With over 10 years of that experience dedicated to the dental industry.

Dental Marketing Website

Website Design

  • Lead Generation: Dentisurge is a specialized dentist online marketing agency in Atlanta that develops, designs and deploys customized dental websites that aim to generate, capture and nurture leads. We also keep in mind the importance of providing resources and information necessary for both new and existing patients.
  • 100% Responsive: A Dentisurge dental marketing website will increase your online image and presence with very advanced, modern, and fully responsive design technology that looks great on any type of device.
  • Mobile First: If you’re not mobile optimized and have aims to become mobile strong your practice will become less and less relevant overtime. A mobile optimized website, progressive web app and a dental practice mobile app is your practice’s brand on mobile.
  • Question: Should you consider a mobile app for your practice? Find the answer to that question here:
    Mobile Apps For Dental Practices
Atlanta Dentist Online Agency

Mobile Apps For Dental Practices


Should You Consider an App for Your Dental Practice?

Depending on the design and functionality it can help provide a more nurturing extra level of care and service to your current patients such as:

  • Post-Operative Instruction
  • What To Do In Case Of Emergency
  • One-Click-Call
  • Schedule An Appointment
  • Being on Cut of Edge of Tech
  • Increase Awareness of Dental Health
  • Improved Data Accessibility
  • Huge Convenience Boost

Search Engine Optimization

We shouldn’t have to ask, because it’s pure rhetoric, but we are gonna ask anyway. Do you want your website ranking higher in Google search words and for keywords that matter more than most to your practice? Of course you do, we already knew the answer… Below. discover more or choose an SEO pricing plan for our bundle.


Dental SEO Experts

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for dentists is an expert level specialty of Dentisurge.
  • Our dentist online marketing agency in Atlanta creates websites that are search engine friendly and offer continuing SEO services to help our clients continue to bring in new patients.
  • Are you prepared to increase your online visibility? Let our dentist advertising company in Atlanta assist you in enhancing your web presence.

Why Choose Dentisurge for Your Practices SEO?

Why Pick Dentisurge SEO for Your Practice?

At Dentisurge, our focus is on providing SEO services and website design for dentists. We know what works in the dental sector for increasing search engine exposure because of our extensive expertise building websites for dentists.

The user experience on all devices is smooth thanks to the state-of-the-art website design technology we employ. Additionally, it is more crucial than ever to offer your patients a responsive interface because Google favors mobile-friendly websites in the search results.

Among our dental SEO services are:

  • A website layout that is search engine friendly with separate pages for your top services.
  • Utilizing keywords in title tags and website material for search engine optimization.
  • Using local SEO, you can raise your “map” rankings locally.
  • Using images with proper ALT Tags.
  • Page loading speed optimization is guaranteed to be 95%
  • Proper use of HREF and HTML Markup 
  • Recurring reporting.
  • When possible use of relevant practice videos on all major service pages.

Google Ads & Paid Search Ads Management for Dentists

We design, create, launch and manage Google Ads + Microsoft Ads for Dentists.

Allow us to increase your practice’s visibility, place you at the top of search results, and generate calls in order to create a consistent flow of new patients.

Why Invest in Google Ads?

With Google Ads, you may place sponsored listings at the top of the search results to show adverts. Paid search is another name for per-click (PPC) advertising, which is what Google Ads are.

The following are the main advantages of using Google Ads for advertising:

  • Get Results Quickly: It won’t take months for Google Ads to put your dentist office on the top page of search results.
  • Be the #1 Practice: When prospects see your practice at the top of Google’s search results, they will also think of you first.
  • Sales Growth: Customers that are looking for your services are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Target your ideal prospects with precision by region, age, gender, income, and time of day.
    To increase the efficiency of your adverts, we integrate demographic targeting, keyword targeting, and device targeting.
  • Special Offers: By using Google Ads, we may highlight particular services more strongly and entice patients to call and arrange appointments.

Facebook Ads & Paid Social Ads Management for Dentists

Why Dentisurge?

  • At Dentisurge, our focus is on providing digital marketing services and website design for dentists. Our dentist marketing agency in Atlanta has years of experience organizing social media campaigns for dental practices.
  • Based on our experience, we know what strategies for boosting engagement on social media platforms in the dental sector are most effective. In addition to social media management, we provide a full range of digital services, such as dental website design, SEO services, logo design, and more, to strengthen your brand identification and boost your online presence.
  • Also, you will save time and feel secure knowing that your social media presence is being properly managed. Additionally, Dentisurge offers complete social media paid ads management for dentists. Our Atlanta dentist online marketing experts manage Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and LinkedIn ads for dentists.