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Mobile Apps For Dental Practices

Depending on the design and functionality, a mobile app for dental practices, can help provide a more nurturing patient experience, extra level of care and easy-quick access to additional services offered by dental practices to their current patients such as:

  • Post-Operative Instructions
  • What To Do In Case Of Emergency
  • One Click-Call-To-Call
  • Schedule An Appointment
  • Submit Forms
  • Being on Cut of Edge of Tech
  • Increase Awareness of Dental Health
  • Improved Data Accessability
  • Huge Convenience Boost

The aforementioned no doubt provides great benefits to your current practice and its’ patients however, nothing is as powerful as opening up a new digital channel for communications. You can maintain constant top of mind awareness and brand your practice on their phone. No matter where they are their phone is with them and therefore you’re with them. Some of the ways a dental practice mobile app can draw new patients to your practice and increase revenue from existing patients are as follows:

  • Share The App With Family, Friends or on Social Media
  • Refer A Relative, Friend, Neighbor or Co-worker 
  • Leave A Review
  • Your Brand on Their Phone
  • Increase Awareness of Other Services and Procedures offered
  • Send Geolocated Push Notices instantly (a little push to pull them in) very similar to display advertising about annual teeth cleaning, X-ray Specials, Special Offers, Loyalty Rewards Reminders, Recent articles or blog posts, news, information, education and more.
  • Offer New Patient Form Packets available to fill out via the App (100% HIPPA Compliant)
  • Instant & Direct Communications. Through a forum, chat or messenger feature on the app you can instantly receive communications from new and existing patients and quickly respond.

Summary: One of the most important roles in our everyday lives is played by mobile apps. Because of this, developing a mobile app for your dental practice should be a top priority for patient-focused and growth driven practices. Mobile applications are essential if your dental practice wants to dominate the market by retaining existing patients and luring in new ones.